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BSC Filter Brew Recipe

14g BSC coffee, 27-30 clicks on Comandante Grinder
210g total water at 96 degrees
3:00 - 3:30 total brew time
1:15 brew ratio
1.38 - 1.40 TDS

We love this filter recipe. We love it because it consistently produces the sweetest, most balanced cup possible. We believe sweetness, fully integrated acidity and depth are the keys to enjoying beautiful coffee. We hope you love all of the wonderful complexity our coffees contain.

Start timer.

0:00: Pour 60 grams of water to saturate all the grounds, and prepare them for proper extraction throughout the rest of the brew. We suggest completing this pour within the first 15 seconds of the brew. Once complete, spin the dripper in a circular motion to promote even wetness of the grounds, let sit until 0:45.

At 0:45: pour 50 grams of water within 15 seconds, concluding at 1:00. Let sit until 1:30.

At 1:30: Pour 50 grams of water within 15 seconds, concluding at 1:45. Let sit until 2:15.

At 2:15: Final 50 gram pour, complete within 15 seconds, concluding at 2:30. Once complete, spin the brew bed in a circular motion, removing any grounds stuck to the sides of your brewer.

Between 3:00 and 3:30 your brew should be complete! If your brew is faster than this, try making your grind finer, incrementally. If your brew is longer, try making your grind courser, incrementally.

Enjoy delicious Be Still Cody Coffee!

Jen & Andrew