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Revolutionary Coffee for the Chaos Wizard Youth

Summers spent Smashing Pumpkins at sunset; carousel cacophony and far-too-traded mixtapes; dreaming while holding our breath, hoping on tomorrow's heartfelt thievery. Do you remember those hazy days spent in earnest and love?

We do.

Our Roasting Philosophy

Is for our hand to be as invisible as possible, so that our highly curated coffees can showcase their beautiful inherent characteristics. We profile each of our coffees based on a few simple rules: maximize sweetness and clarity; highlight acidity in a controlled and balanced way; and to achieve the cleanest cup possible.

We are able to achieve this by working with a supply chain that values integrity, and sustainability. To us, invisibility in roasting translates to light, delicious coffees, that showcase obvious regional differences, and highlight all of the hard work invested before we have the luxury of working with them.



Our search for amazing coffee shares a lot of similarities with our lifelong search for music that inspires us. As more people are enjoying great coffees outside of the realm of the cafe, we try to simulate the experience of curated music and coffee at home. All mixtapes are created by BSC for the Transmission category they are paired with.



Our coffee bags are for the BSC regulars, the coffee-only-homies, the fanatics.